Document preparation

The applicants are requested to submit the following documents:

    1.Completed application.

    2.Medical Health Certificate (including chest X-ray report), completed by a doctor.

    3.A copy of vaccination records, showing if Hep. B and TB shots were taken.

    4.Proof of health insurance valid in Poland (EHIC for European citizens).

    5.High school/college diploma – a copy certified by the school or authorized person in native

       language and, if applicable, a certified translation to English.

    6.A photocopy of valid passport.

    7.6 recent passport-size photographs signed on the back (no head cover).

    8.Official college transcript in English with its grading converted to U.S./standardized grading

       system, if applicable.

    9.Two letters of recommendation from a science faculty member on official University/College


All the submitted documents should be originals or certified copies (i.e. originally sealed and

signed by the eligible institution/person).

If the documents are not written in English, they must be accompanied by translations (into

English or Polish) certified by an approved institution (e.g. the issuing body or a sworn



Visa Requirements

1. All students who have Polish citizenship are required to obtain a Polish passport from the appropriate Polish consulate before departure. Anyone having a valid Polish passport will not need a visa. However they should bring their American passport with them as it will be nessesary when they retum to the States.

2. All other foreign students intending to study in Poland (other than those who intend to stay for 3 months or less) are required to obtain a Student Visa from the appropriate Polish consulate before departure. Such visas may be given for a period not exeeding 6 months.

3. Before the visa expires students are required to apply to local authorities for an extension (for another 6 months) or for a Temporary Stay Card. This card is valid for a period of 1 year with the possibility of extension for up to, but not exceeding, 10 years.

4. The application for a Temporary Stay Card should be submitted to the local authorities not later than 45 days before the visa expires. Students therefore are advised to apply for the Student Visa or Temporary Stay Card within 1 month after arriving in Poland.

5. Staying illegally in Poland can result in deportation.

6. When applying for a Student Visa or Temporary Stay Card students are required to submit the following:

a)two copies of the Visa/Temporary Stay Card application form (filled out); (as the forms have to be completed in Polish, students will find an English translation at the Dean`s Office);

b) 3 color photographs (passport size, left ear visible, no head cover);

c) a letter from the University signed by the Dean which will include:

6.- a statement confirming the source of income or your own financial resources and their amount (to confirm that you have sufficient resources to cover the cost of your studies and maintenance throughout the course of studies);

6.- PROOF OF ENROLLMENT - a statement confirming that you are a student, the year of studies and program, and the expected date of graduation(this letter can be obtained at the Dean`s Office);

d)a certificate confirming fulfillment of your residence registration requirements. If you are accomodated in the dormitory, all you need to do is deliver a photocopy of your Dorm ID Card (KARTA MIESZKAŃCA). If you are not living in the dorm, you should obtain the certificate from the Registration Office in URZĄD MIEJSKI, 16/20 Libelta St, ground floor;

e)a photocopy of your passport;

f) either the stamp duty or a receipt confirming payment of the consular fee;

The address of the Visa Office is as follows:

17 Plac Wolności, Poznań 4th floor, room # 8,


The Office is open:Mondays from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tuesdays - Fridays from 8.15 a.m. to 2.45 p.m.


Since the accession to the Schengen zone (21st December 2007), Polish consulates issue uniform visas (so-called Schengen Visas) marked with C, which will authorize to enter and stay in the territories of the Schengen states for no longer that 3 months within a period of 6 months.

National visas marked with D, issued by Polish consuls after 21st December 2007, authorize to enter and stay on the territory of Poland only. Polish visas, issued prior to the date of Poland's accession to the Schengen zone, do not automically become Schengen visas and do not authorize to travel around the entire Schengen area but only on the territory of Poland. These visas are valid until their expiration date.

To enter the territory of the Schengen states, citizens of other countries have to meet specific requirements, i.e.:

- hold a valid travel document and a visa (if it is required from citizens of a given country)

- specify the travel destination, and

- possess appropriate funds for the period of their stay and for return

- a person who is going to enter the Schengen zone must not be included in the SIS as an undesirable person or a person being a threat to public order


Local Services

1.  Airport Pick up

2.  Dormitory set up

3.  Internet set up

4.  Money Exchange

5.  Mobile phone apply

6.  Open Bank account

7.  Environment familiar

8.  Daily supplies purchase

9.  City Tours

10. Life matters attention

11. Campus Tour

12. Welfare party

13. Predecessor assist

14. Receives package on behalf

15. Students insurance

16. Foreign students Register at the city hall

17. Residency Card

18. Medical assistance

19. Translate assistance