For 2013/14 Universita' degli Studi di Tor Vergata has 5 available places for non-european students.
The test will take place on Monday 15 April 2013 at the following locations and according to each location's time zone:
CODE  COUNTRY                CITY                                 LOCATION                                                                TIME
AR602 Argentina              Buenos Aires            Buenos Aires Open Centre 1                                         9.00
BH042 Bahrain                Manama                     Embassy of the Republic of Italy                                   15.00
BR096 Brazil                    Sao Paolo                         Winner Idiomas                                                          9.00
CN509 China                   Beijing                     Institute Of Online Education,
                                                                       Beijing Foreign Studies University                                          19.00
CY011 Cyprus                 Nicosia               Pascal English School, Nicosia                                             15.00
FR500 France                 Paris                         British School of Paris                                                         14.00
DE010 Germany            Munich                      Cambridge Institut                                                                14.00
GR804 Greece               Athens                  Hellenic English Council                                                        15.00
IN145 India                      Delhi                   Planet EDU - ExtraExams                                                        17.30
IL010 Israel                   Tel Aviv                  Istituto Italiano di Cultura                                                         15.00
IT499 Italy                        Bari                  Universita degli Studi di Bari                                                       14.00
IT500 Italy                       Milan              Universita degli Studi di Milano                                                     14.00
IT504 Italy                     Naples          Seconda Universita degli Studi di Napoli                                      14.00
IT501 Italy                      Pavia                   Universita degli Studi di Pavia                                                   14.00
IT502 Italy                      Rome            Universita degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"                             14.00
IT503 Italy                      Rome            Universita degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"                              14.00
PL090 Poland             Warsaw                   Lang LTC Warsaw                                                                   14.00
PT015 Portugal            Lisbon                  International House Lisbon                                                     13.00
QA017 Qatar                Doha                                  Taqteer                                                                            15.00
SA035 Saudi Arabia   Jeddahn                Yusr International School                                                        15.00
ES439 Spain               Barcelona                    Exams Catalunya                                                               14.00
AE220 United Arab Emirates   Dubai           International House Dubai                                                16.00
GB949 United Kingdom           London        The Royal Horticultural Halls                                            13.00
US243 USA                  New York                   International House New York                                            9.00
It's possibile to apply for the IMAt 2013 test from 18th February 2013 to 20th March 2013, exclusively on
In order to register it's necessary to state:
a) E-mail address
b) An English Knowledge Certificate such as: CAE-CPE-FCE-IELTS Academic 5,5+-Higher BEC-TOEFL IBT 87+-TOEFL CBT 228+-TOEFL BPT 568+
c) School Evaluation: the final results of the last 3 years of High School completed BEFORE taking the test. 
   The following subjects will be assessed: language and literature (from the student's own country), ONE foreign language, math. If one of
   the aforementioned subjects is missing in the student's school sytem, then a full school transcript is required. This assessemet can influence the final result opf the IMAT test.
d) Each student can state their University of choice, as well as 2 optional Universities. In case the test score is too low for the first University of choice, the student may still 
   qualify to enroll at one of the 2 optional Universities, as long as his/her score is high enough. If the student will take the test in Italy, the test location will be automatically considered
   the student's first choice. These choices (favourite + 2 optionals) CAN NOT be changed afterwards.
e) Students who intend to take the test outside of Italy they'll need to state the code of the intended location.
On the 8th April 2013 each student will be assigned to a specific classroom within their selected location. The test can ONLY be undertaken in the specified classroom.
Students will only be allowed to enter the classroom after showing an ID.
The test will last 90 minutes.
Each student will receive an envelop containing:
a) A sheet with the student's personal details and a unique bar code.
b) The test question sheet
c) TWO answer sheets, each of them with the same barcode assigned to the student.
d) An empty envelop
e) A sheet with the following informations:
   1) The code of the test
   2) The website where students will be able to check their results
   3) Username and password for the website mentioned at 2)
If for any reason some of the documents within the envelop may need to be changed, the students will receive a whole new envelop. 
Students taking the test outside of Italy will need to give all the documents to the person in charge of the test at their location. That person will then send
all the envelops to each student's University of choice by the 22th of April.
During the test:
It's only possibile to use a BLACK PEN.
Each student has to fill the form with his own personal informations and sign it.
It's possibile to change ONE answer. If the student wishes to change an answer he needs to completely cover the wrong answer with black colour and mark the correct one.
If the student doesn't wish to answer a specific question, he needs to write a mark on the question's number. This choice CAN NOT be modified.
The second answer sheet is used for correction, the student has to draw a line on the sheet in order to "annullare" (it means that this answer sheet will not be corrected).
Student's can leave the classroom within the LAST 30 minutes of the test.
Cell phones, calculators and any other electronic device CAN NOT be introduced in the classroom. Failing to do so will result in the student being not allowed to undertake the test.
At the end of the test:
The answer sheet has to be inserted inside an envelop. Other documents such as the personal details sheet must NOT be included in the envelope or the student wil be disqualified from the test.
The personal details sheet and the second answer sheet must be given to the commissioner.
The sheet including website, username and password to check the results will become property of the student.
The test consists of 60 questions:
30 questions of logic reasoning and general knowledge
14 questions of biology
8 questions of chemistry
8 questions of math and physics
The max score available is 90 points.
For each correct answer: 1,5 points
For each wrong answer: -0.4 points
For each unanswered question: 0 points
English Knowledge (+5 points)
Students holding one of these English Knowledge certificates will be awarded 5 points:
CAE-CPE-FCE-IELTS Academic 5,5+-Higher BEC-TOEFL IBT 87+-TOEFL CBT 228+-TOEFL BPT 568+
If the student attended a high school that was entirely taught in English, 5 points are given.
School Evaluation (up to +5 points)
The following subjects will be assessed: language and literature (from the student's own country), ONE foreign language, math.
The average score will give extra points according to the following chart:
From 9,1 to 10 = 5 points
From 8,1 to 9 = 4 points
From 7 to 8 = 3 points
In letters:
A+, A = 5 points
B+, B-, A- = 4 points
C+, C- = 3 points
Starting from the 30th of April 2013 students wil be able to see their score.
On the 9th of May 2013 the results will be available online.
On the 29th of July 2013, according to the score and the available places in each University, and according to each student's University of 
choice, students who scored a high enough result will be assigned to their respective Universities.