Pre-Medical course

Pre-Medical course at the Medical of University

    How to start smoothly Your academic carreer?

    Are You prepared well enough to start studying medicine or dentistry?

    How to become a straight-A medical/ dentistry student?

The MUL-APC is starting with an innovative pre-course program for medical and dentistry students based on the best experience, innovation and 60 years of tradition of the Medical University of Lublin.

The course will be conducted by MD, PhD with clinical experience to show the most important and practical aspect of the medical studies.

As first in Europe and based on top world standards in medical education the course will bebased on Simulation Techniques that include:

   virtual reality training

    High fidelity simulators and manequines

    Problem Based learning

The precourse combines 300 academic hours of training in


1.    Simulation Based Training in Human Biology with Physiology 120 hours

2.    Body systems- Basics of Physics                                       40 hours

3.    Medical Terminology and Communication                        80 hours

4.    Body systems- Basics of Biological Chemistry                60 hours

5.    Polish-English Communication Skills                                30 hours

  Tuition Fee : EURO 4,200

  Total hours : 300 hours

   Duration :  4 / 22 ~ 7 / 19 (2013)

Detailed of some course description:

1. Simulation Based Training in Human Biology with Physiology

Students will be invited to the fascinating world of Human Body systems.

During the course the basic concept as well as detailed description of the:

  • Nervous
  • Endocrine
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Digestive
  • reproducitve
  • urinary
  • respiratory and cardiovascular system  will be presented.


2.  Body systems- Basics of Physics & Biological Chemistry  will complete the molecular understanding of the processes that take place in particular systems of the Human Body and will give You a great foundation to Your medical/ dentistry studies.

3.  Medical terminology is a course that prepare You to communicate and understand the

language that health professionals and medical students are using.

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