Universita di Pavia


About us

I'm glad to present you the University of Pavia

Our institution is one of the oldest universities in Europe and the oldest one in Lombardy. Since its foundation in 1361 it has been a good place to study for both Italian and foreign students.

Each year, thousands of students can appreciate the multidisciplinary vocation of our University and the hospitality of its campus, really unique in Italy for the possibility it offers of living and studying in a lively, intellectually challenging environment.

Our aim is to encourage our students
creativity, enhancing their capacity to engage with the great challenges of our society.

We set out to obtain this goal by offering a wide academic curriculum, by increasing our international policy and through the outstanding quality of our research.

The Rector
Angiolino Stella


The University of Pavia today

3 hospitals

9 faculties
15 colleges
20 master degrees
35 libraries
17 departements
54 specialization schools
104 degree couses
310 exchange relationships over the world
1.120 professors
1.600 study grants
4.000 graduated each year
23.000 students
Canoeing and rowing international races and a wide range of sports
Courses of Italian for foreign students


Educational organization of the degree course

Current legislation lays down six years of study for the degree course in Medicine and Surgery with a total of 360 credits including 60 credits for Vocational Training to be acquired in educational activities  designed to promote the acquisition of specific vocational skills.

Attendance at these educational activities (lectures and training) is compulsory and is a prerequisite to taking exams.

Semesters: The Degree course is divided into 12 semesters. The average duration is 14 weeks each, based on a teaching progression starting with basic science in the first two years and progressing with medical and clinical methods, health care organization in Italy, ethical and legal aspects of medicine.

Courses and exams: Individual courses are grouped into modules in keeping with the principle of integrated teaching with a total of 36 examinations (esamididiprofitto) undertaken in the six-year course. Continuous assessment may be prescribed for courses held across two terms.

Internship/Vocational Training: The period of Vocational Training (60 credits)functions to all intents and purposes as an integral part of the Degree course. Starting in the third year it is carried out in one of the following clinics: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as other medical and surgical specializations. The internship takes the form of tutorial teaching in which practical activities are conducted under the supervision of a Tutor-Teacher.

ADEs: 8 credits are assigned to elective educational activities (ADEs) chosen by students. There are no exams.

Thesis: 18 credits are assigned to thesis preparation.

Assessment of learning- Examination sessions

Assessment is either by:

• exams without marks (idoneità) designed to determine the effectiveness of learning and teaching processes;

• exams with marks (esamidiprofitto) designed to assess course objectives  have been fulfilled,  to certify an individual student’s preparation  and quantify the outcome with a mark.

All exams are taken during specific exam periods.



Official exam sessions are:

First session in January-February,

Second session in June - July,

Third session in September.

Special sessions in December and around the Easter holidays are planned annually by the Academic Board.



Students must have passed the exam on the left in the following list before proceeding to take the exam on the right

Chemistry and Introductory Biochemistry


Histology and Embryology

Human Anatomy

Physics, Biochemistry and Human Anatomy

Human Physiology.

Human Physiology

General  Immunology and Pathology and Medical and Surgical Semiotics.

Human Physiology, Immunology and Pathology, Medical and Surgical Semiotics

all clinical exams.

Anatomy Pathology

all sixth year exams













Fixed Taxes:a) Enrollment tax € 192,70


b) Regional tax € 140,00

c) Stamp € 14,62

d) Student Service tax € 129,00

e) Health Insurance € 6,00

f) Fixed tax for Cultural foundation € 2,00


TOTALE € 484,32


a) Delay in the presentation of documents


b) Delay in the presentation of mod. Isee


c) Transfer to different University


d) A copy of the University booklet


e) A copy of the University Badge


f) Diaploma and copies


g) Diploma and copies DR


h) Enrollment to close number courses (national)


i)Enrollment to close number courses (local) and non selective course


j) IMAT test


k) Language test


l) Exams


m) Single extra courses


n) VISA renewal service


o) Urgent VISA service


p) Interruption tax